The Metahumans can also win AdenToken by doing various works in the Adenverse. There are no limits on what can be done on the Adenverse platform. Metahumans are located on a platform where they can post job ads and find people to work with. Thanks to this platform, you can do your projects with other Metahumans from around the world through Adenverse. You will also be able to work with the experts by reviewing the other Metahumans’ portfolios that they have already made. Similarly, the Metahumans who want to do business will be able to get jobs from all over the world based on their competence and earn AdenToken in exchange for their work. Psychologists, Engineers, Architects, Developers, Designers or Artists, and many other professionals can serve as they please on the Adenverse platform. In addition to those businesses, you can also earn money by opening your own store and you can earn AdenToken when shopping with other users.

Mining is a model of another income in Adenverse, with this model you can have an income by selling or buying blocks. You can also make a profit from the Adenverse system by investing. In addition to all these, you can earn AdenToken by contributing to the Adenverse ecosystem as well. The Adenverse ecosystem creates better revenue models for people who are experts and qualified in their fields around the world. There are also no time, space, and working limits on the Adenverse platform. The Adenverse platform offers a completely free financial system for the Metahumans. You can create new business models by moving a digital copy of your existing business to the Adenverse platform. For example, by creating a digital copy of your factory on the Adenverse platform, you can control your factory from anywhere, or work with experts from around the world and explore new business opportunities. The current value in the Adenverse ecosystem is the AdenToken. But over time, you’ll also be able to shop with many cryptocurrency derivatives. These are the factors that make up the financial structure of the Adenverse ecosystem.




Adenverse is the #metaverse world where users can own land, develop it, create their own world and earn money from it.

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Adenverse is the #metaverse world where users can own land, develop it, create their own world and earn money from it.

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